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10 Sleep Paralysis Facts, Causes and Remedies

For generations, people have been perplexed at a phenomenon that involves them lying in bed and being unable to move. Many people have linked this bizarre experience to paranormal activity, but as science has progressed and our understanding of the human body improved, we have begun to learn that this is in fact a perfectly common and natural experience for many humans.

Sleep paralysis is characterised by an inability to move while being completely awake. This will experience during your sleep, and simply means that your mind is awake and your body hasn’t caught up yet.

Some people experience this and remain quite calm, while others may also experience a sense of choking or pressure on their chest. It is this experience that has led to many to believe that this experience is caused by paranormal forces.

So, what causes sleep paralysis, what do we need to know about it and are there any remedies we can use to stop the effects of it? Let’s take a look!

Key Facts About Sleep Paralysis

1. When does it happen?

Sleep paralysis occurs at two specific times. It may occur while you are falling asleep, and it may also occur when you are waking up. If you experience sleep paralysis as you are about to fall asleep, this is known as ‘hypnagogic’ sleep paralysis. It is also known as ‘predormital’ sleep paralysis.

Most people who experience this relatively regularly will grow to live with it, and quite happily fall asleep once they realise it is happening.

Other people might experience it as they wake up, which is known as ‘hypnopompic’ or ‘postdormital’ sleep paralysis. This might be a more stressful occurrence for somebody, especially an individual who doesn’t know what is happening.

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