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10 Nutritional Facts and Benefits of Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a food option that offers a lot of nutritional value for good health. Typically it is consumed as a breakfast staple that is available in different varieties such as old fashioned oats, oat groats, steel cut oats and oat bran. Some quick cooking varieties include cooking oats and instant oatmeal. Oats are also a popular choice for using in baked goods and stuffings.

The different types of oat products result from the kind of processing they undergo but all retain most of their fiber and nutrient content. Some of the most prominent nutritional benefits of oatmeal can be summarized as the following:

1) Oatmeal Stops Cravings

Whole foods like oatmeal are often recommended for their beneficial effects on the digestive tract. Known for its high fiber content, oatmeal is an excellent option to consider in terms of satiation and delayed gastric emptying. Along with the large quantity of fiber, oats offer many different nutrients and are low on calories.

Because oatmeal takes more time to digest, individuals feel full longer. The regular consumption of whole grain foods can also be correlated to a lower body mass index. The result is curbed cravings, improved satiety as well as steady weight loss experienced over a period of time.

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