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10 Natural Remedies for the Flu

The flu is an upper respiratory infection that affects the lungs, throat and nose of individuals. Flu symptoms can be very distressing for people causing issues like fever, cough, sore throat, nasal congestion and aches and chills among others. Often confused with the common cold, the flu is highly contagious and easily spreads from one individual to the next. And unlike the common cold, it can come on suddenly.

For many people, the flu may resolve on its own, but on occasion can cause complications. Therefore, it becomes important to treat flu symptoms in a timely manner since they can quickly lead to other health issues such as ear infections, pneumonia and bronchitis. However, the associated misery does not have to be prolonged and can actually be cut short by following some rather effective natural remedies for the flu.

Here are ten very popular natural remedies to get relief from annoying flu symptoms.


Suffering from the flu can leave an individual feeling dehydrated especially if vomiting or diarrhea is also experienced. In these cases it is important to keep well hydrated so that the nasal and throat passages are kept moist. Water is of course, the ideal candidate in this situation, but can also be accompanied by fruit juices.

Fruit juices like orange juice are full of vitamin C that can boost the immune system and increase production of white blood cells to fight off the infection and keep viruses at bay. It is better to opt for fresh fruit juices than look for packaged varieties.

Another way to go is to replenish fluids with warm chicken broth and soup that can help with symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections like the flu. A hot bowl of broth or soup can also help thin out the mucus as well as keep the body hydrated. The soup acts as a cure for congestion and also contains other ingredients such as ginger, garlic or red pepper that can also be beneficial in fighting viral infections like the flu.

At the same time, it is recommended to stay away from caffeinated beverages since caffeine is a diuretic. Alcohol consumption should also be eliminated when suffering from the flu.

To make sure that there is enough fluid intake, monitor urine which should be pale yellow or almost colorless.

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