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10 Natural Remedies for Back Pain


Providing you do not suffer from a condition that requires specialist treatment, back pain can be relieved using many traditional and natural remedies. For centuries, pain has been relieved through natural means and there’s no reason why these methods can’t be used today. These 10 natural remedies are ideal for reducing the effects of back pain, but can be used to prevent many other kinds of pain as well.

Remember, however, that consistent pain can be symptomatic of a serious medical problem and you should always seek a doctor’s advice.

1. Exercise

It might sound counterproductive, but doing exercise can actually help ease pain. When you exercise, your brain releases natural endorphins which make you feel better and this can result in pain relief as powerful as what modern drugs can provide. Although, be sure that you are not doing exercise that can hurt your back further. There are some simple exercises you can do to release these endorphins including aerobic exercise and a light run.

You can also release these endorphins by having a massage, laughing, socializing with friends, eating chocolate, or just listening to music you love. All of these things make you happy and can make the pain more bearable.

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