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10 Natural Remedies for a Sinus Infection

Try a face massage

To seek temporary relief from the discomfort of blocked nasal passage, try giving the face a massage. A face massage can allow the individual to breathe easier by activating pressure points. To perform the massage, start with the index fingers of both hands on either side of the nostrils and rotate until both nostrils are closed. Continue for 10 seconds.

Now, apply the same rotating pressure with both index fingers but a little above the inner corners of the eyes for 20 seconds. Next perform the same rotation over the cheek bones and apply pressure for 10 seconds.

The next step involves stroking the cheekbones to the ears and applying pressure behind the earlobes using both index fingers. Continue this motion for 20 seconds and finish by massaging the earlobes for 30 seconds at least.

The total time it takes to perform this face massage is no more than a minute and a half yet it can provide temporary relief much like any over the counter medication. Repeat whenever you feel the sinuses blocking up again.

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