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10 Most Common Symptoms of Strep Throat

Strep throat is short for streptococcal pharyngitis. This is a type of throat condition that is caused by a group A streptococcal infection. The infection has a number of common symptoms, which are listed below, that signify that this is the condition you’re suffering from. And, you’ll find that around 1 in 10 throat conditions will be strep throat. It can also make up anywhere up to 40% of all child throat conditions.

Remember that strep throat is contagious, so avoid kissing or sharing glasses and utensils, and you will be diagnosed with the condition after a throat culture test has been made. Though, in many cases, the symptoms will allow a doctor to make a diagnosis based on symptoms and provide you with the necessary treatment. Usually you will be provided with a series of antibiotics that can prevent any further complications and help increase your recovery time.


1. Difficulty swallowing

The most common first sign of strep throat is difficulty swallowing. It will be difficult to swallow saliva or liquid and when you do swallow, it will feel sharp and painful. This symptom occurs as a result of the tonsils becoming so large that the swallowing mechanism cannot function as it normally does.

For the time being it is likely that you will have to eat soups and more liquid-based foods as opposed to anything too heavy or solid, as this will only cause irritation in the throat.

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