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10 Most Common Symptoms of Spider Bites

Obviously every spider is different, and so each spider bite will be different, but there are lots of similar symptoms that you can expect regardless of the species of spider in question.

The spider bite you experience will differ with regards to how poisonous it is, and of course depending on the country you are in. One thing you should remember to do, however, is call for a doctor. It’s never worth taking the risk if you don’t know what kind of spider has bit you, as the venom injected into the body could cause serious health problems, or even death.


Take a look at the following 10 most common symptoms you should expect from a spider bite, and if any of them seem relevant to you, be sure to call a doctor. Whether you saw the spider bite you and you now have these symptoms, or you just started experiencing symptoms that lead you to believe you have been bit by a spider, take a look at these following symptoms and decide.

1. Fever

As a result of an invading substance poisoning your bloodstream, your body will begin working overtime to try and get rid of the threat and neutralize it in the blood. As a result, your body will burn more of its energy and give you a fever – the same kind of feeling you would expect if you had been exercising.

This fever may last a few hours or it may last a few days. It depends entirely on the spider that bit you.

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