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10 Most Common Symptoms of Pneumonia

Pneumonia is an extremely serious condition which results in the inflammation of the tissue in your lungs. The condition can affect one lung, though in many cases it does in fact cause trouble for both lungs. The inflammation occurs as a result of an infection.

The sacs within the lungs which take in and hold air will become inflamed and begin to fill up with fluid, making it hard to breathe and causing a cough that is usually accompanied with a thick mucus.


If you show any of the following signs of pneumonia, it is essential that you visit your doctor. In some cases you may require an X-ray, and in many cases you will be admitted for specialist care so that the condition does not progress into something much more serious.

1. Coughing

The first and most prominent symptom you will notice with pneumonia is the coughing. You will cough because your lungs are filling up with fluid and the infection is causing a build-up of mucus on one or both lungs.

If you don’t have your pneumonia treated, the cough will get worse and so will the general severity of the condition. The inflammation can get worse and you will end up with shortness of breath.

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