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10 Most Common Symptoms of Bursitis

Knee Pain

Bursitis is hardly the best-known condition, but it’s a condition that can be burdensome to many. The condition involves the swelling of bursas, which are sacs that fill with fluid just beneath the skin.

These sacs usually occur around the joints, allowing for a ‘cushion’ to be placed between the bone and the tendon. This ensures that both can function independently and in harmony with one another at the same time.

However, when these sacs become inflamed, it stops the joints from working properly and the bones from functioning as they should. This can cause a wealth of problems and symptoms, but many people haven’t heard of the condition and so wouldn’t expect it to be happening to them.

Take a look at these following 10 symptoms. These are things that people with bursitis will notice, and if you experience these symptoms, you may well have the condition yourself. If you’re concerned, simply speak to your doctor. There are lots of treatments available that can reduce this inflammation and help keep your bones and tendons working properly.

1. Knee pain

Bursitis of the knee is quite common and will of course result in general pain around the joint. In the knee, there are three primary bursae – and when these become inflamed, the knee can’t function properly and stress will be put on the bone and tendons.

The bursitis of the knee can occur as the result of trauma – so if you’ve recently hurt your knee and now you’re experiencing pain, they are likely connected.

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