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10 Most Common Symptoms of Appendicitis

Abdominal Pain

The appendix is an organ that is largely considered useless in modern humans. It is part of the digestive system, and is used to maintain the good bacteria in the gut. It is now known that people without an appendix are more likely to experience Clostridium difficile colitis, but overall, it is possible to leave a long and healthy life without an appendix.

The reason why some people do not have an appendix is a result of appendicitis. This is a condition that involves the appendix becoming inflamed, causing excruciating pain and, eventually, involving the rupture of the appendix. When the organ ruptures, it can essentially poison parts of the body and even cause death, which is why so many people have their appendix removed.

So how do you know if you have appendicitis, and if you need to have your appendix removed? Take a look at these 10 most common symptoms of the condition – and if you’re experiencing these, be sure to contact the emergency services or get straight to hospital.

1. Intense abdominal pain

The pain caused by a ruptured appendix is incredible. People regularly report that it feels like a constant stabbing in the stomach, that intensifies as time goes by.

In the beginning, it feels like a dull ache in the middle of the belly. It is relatively mild but quite sore. Over time, it will get more and more painful, and then quickly turn into an intense pain within a matter of a few hours.

This type of pain has even been compared to the feeling of going into labor, and it’s quite unique. Few other conditions cause this kind of random abdominal pain – so if you experience it, be sure to get straight to a medical professional and get checked out.

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