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10 Most Common Symptoms of a Stroke

Blurry Vision

A stroke is basically the brain equivalent of a heart attack. Strokes happen when the blood supply of a certain part of your brain gets cut off, resulting in your body being unable to function as normal. This part of the brain is then put at risk of dying, as it requires a constant flow of oxygen in order to continue functioning.

The effect of a stroke changes depending on the individual, and for some people it causes irreversible damage. Some people who experience a stroke will have many months, or even years, of rehabilitation before they are able to use the affected part of their brain again.

So, in order to help maintain your health, it’s important to know the warning signs and symptoms of a stroke. Take a look at these top 10 most common symptoms and early warning signs of a stroke, and if you see them occurring in a loved one, be sure to call for the emergency services.

1. Blurry vision

A stroke can cause an almost immediate effect on your vision. Blurry vision, or even double vision, will occur as a stroke occurs. It might be hard to notice in another person, however, unless they talk about it.

Over 40% of stroke victims in the United Kingdom have reported that blurring vision was an indication that they were about to have a stroke. It’s not known as much as other common symptoms, but it’s definitely one to remember. If you ever experience random double vision or blurred vision, be sure to seek help immediately.

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