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10 Most Common Symptoms of a Hernia

Hernias can occur pretty much anywhere in the body that has muscle. They are lumps that occur when the muscle walls weaken and tissue begins squeezing out through the muscle and pushing out into the skin.

Remember that muscles do an amazing job of holding in a lot of organs. Your body is packed full of organs and incredibly long intestines that are squeezed together to keep your body trim and slim.

When the muscles break down, these organs start pushing against the muscle walls and skin, and often this can result in fat and sometimes even parts of your organs pushing out and causing a lump. Naturally, hernias are painful – but they also come with a number of other symptoms.


Take a look at these top 10 symptoms and see if your mysterious lump is in fact a hernia.

1. The lump

First of all, you’re going to notice a lump. This is the primary reason a person might believe they have a lump. As mentioned, this lump will be a result of organs of fatty tissues pushing against the muscle wall and skin.

As time goes by the lump will get bigger. The muscle will begin to split and become weaker and more tissue will push up through the skin. You should notice a thick and painful lump appearing out of the body. In many cases, you’ll find a hernia in the abdomen or groin, but of course, they can occur anywhere there is muscle.

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