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10 Most Common Symptoms of a Heart Attack

A heart attack is not something to take lightly. This very serious medical event occurs when the heart is suddenly blocked and unable to pump blood around the body. A lot of the time this will occur as a result of a blood clot, or the vessels being blocked by plaque, generally caused by a poor diet and minimal exercise.

There are lots of symptoms of a heart attack, along with early warning signs, that it’s important you know about. These early warning signs could potentially save your life, or the life of a loved one, so be sure to take a look at these top 10 symptoms and early warning signs and keep them in mind!

Irregular Heartbeat

1. Irregular or rapid heart beat

One of the very first signs that you might be having a heart attack, or that you might soon have a heart attack, is an irregular or rapid heartbeat. Changes in your heart beat may be sudden and occur throughout the day. This is one of the most important things to take note of and speak to your doctor about, as it is likely that you are at least suffering from a heart problem.

In a matter of weeks or months, you could quickly experience a serious heart attack. Be sure to note that if your heartbeat is irregular and then accompanied by a rapid rate soon afterwards, it is possible that there is a blockage, which is a seriously dangerous problem.

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