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10 Home Remedies for Pink Eye

Pink eye, otherwise known as conjunctivitis, is a temporary condition that is generally caused by an infection of bacteria or a virus. It is sometimes also caused by dry eyes, meaning that your tear ducts are not producing enough fluid, or you have been exposed to a lot of wind or sun – and it’s also sometimes caused by smoke, chemicals or allergies.

It is characterized by general redness (or pinkness) around the eyelid and the surface of the eye. It is perfectly common and will sometimes take up to 10 days to disappear fully. Remember however that if you have an eye infection, you will be contagious and can spread the condition very easily.

Apple Cider Vinegar

So, if you have conjunctivitis, what can you do? Well you can of course visit your doctor, but there are also lots of home remedies that can be used to tame the redness and make it disappear more quickly. Take a look at these 10 simple home remedies.

1. Apple cider vinegar

It seems like apple cider vinegar is a solution to everything these days, but hey, if it works, it works! A table spoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with a cup of water can be used to help reduce the effect of pink eye.

Apply this solution to your eye using a wet towel, and hold against the eye. The vinegar helps reduce the effect of the condition, reducing redness and making it feel more comfortable for a while.

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