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10 Health Benefits of Ginseng

Helps Those With Type 2 Diabetes

Ginseng is just one of many East Asian wonder herbs. It’s in a family of 11 perennial plants that have a rich and fleshy root and is full of nutrition. The plant is not just found in East Asia–it’s also found in North America. The plant can be prepared in a lot of ways, but it’s most commonly sold in powder form or in bottles of supplement tablets. You can also buy it in its raw, dried form which can be incorporated into cooking. It’s easy to find, being sold in most health stores, and despite not being the cheapest supplement, it’s arguably one of the best you can choose. There is a huge list of benefits and these are just the top 10.

1. Helps those with Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes cannot be cured, but studies have shown how effective Ginseng can be in reducing the effects it has on sufferers’ bodies and lives. Ginseng can help control the level of sugar in the blood which is the fundamental issue for those who have diabetes. The supplement lowers the amount of sugar when fasting or after eating. Studies have looked at this effect over periods of three months and found really positive results so far.

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