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10 Foods That Lower Cholesterol


Not all cholesterol is bad. LDL is bad cholesterol and HDL is good cholesterol.

LDL is what contributes to the build-up of plaque in your arteries. This is a hard deposit that sticks to the inside of your arteries not only making them less flexible, but also stopping your blood from being able to flow properly. High levels of bad cholesterol can result in high blood pressure and cause a whole host of problems for your heart.

So what can you do? Well, if your doctor tells you that you need to reduce your cholesterol levels, you simply need to change your diet and your exercise routine. If you don’t exercise much, it’s time to get up and out a little more, and start watching the foods that you eat.

To help you start, we’ve listed the top 10 foods that help you lower cholesterol – but remember, they only work when combined with an active and healthy lifestyle!

1. Soy

Soy beans are one of the best things you can eat to reduce your cholesterol. They are low in saturated fat and plenty filling, meaning you can quickly reduce the amount of saturated fats you consume without any major effort.

Some research has also shown that there are compounds in soy beans that actively work against bad cholesterol. These compounds are called isoflavones, and they’re found in abundance in soy beans.

Soy beans are easy to incorporate into your diet. They’re found in tofu and soymilk, and of course they can be prepared as beans and eaten as a part of a meal.

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