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10 Foods That Cause Yellow Teeth

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These days, people will pay thousands to have their teeth whitened, and often to a completely unnatural color. We have to accept that our teeth are not naturally snow white, but there are plenty of foods you can avoid that improve their appearance. In fact, by avoiding certain foods, you can keep your teeth looking a healthy shade of white, without having to fork out for expensive procedures.

Here are the top ten foods that turn your teeth yellow, and which are best left alone if you want to keep your smile looking bright and healthy.

1. Red wine

Sorry wine lovers – there’s not much you can do about this one. Have you ever seen your mouth after you’ve drank a glass of red wine? Your lips and teeth are stained dark, but it’s not just temporary. Over time, your porous teeth will absorb the color of the wine and make them appear darker.

Red wine may have its health benefits but it’s certainly no good for the appearance of your teeth. The best way to reduce the effect is to limit the amount of wine that you drink. The second best is to consider washing your mouth out with water after drinking, or even switching to white wine if you have no particular preference between the two.

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