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10 Foods High in Protein

Protein is a large molecule that contains long chain amino acids. The molecule is necessary for the human body to perform a wide range of metabolic reactions, and for DNA to continue replicating and cells growing. Without it, the body will not be able to grow, meaning it’s essential that absolutely everybody gets plenty of protein in their diet.

Furthermore, those who are willing to build muscle, whether through moderate exercise or more intense muscle-building training, should consider increasing the amount of protein they consume. It’s possible to use supplements when weight lifting, body building and increasing muscle mass, but it’s always better to source foods that provide you with a larger amount of protein naturally.

So what are these all important foods? Take a look at our list of the top 10 foods that are high in protein, rich in other nutrients, vitamins and minerals and which should be incorporated more into your diet!

1. Tofu

Many people assume that tofu is only good as a meat replacement for vegetarians and vegans, but it’s great whether you eat meat or not. This soybean-based foodstuff is packed full of protein and is an extremely versatile ingredient to cook with.

Tofu is also ideal for supplementing your meat intake, allowing you to increase the amount of protein you eat without eating too much red meat. You’ll get all the same benefits of a quality source of protein without risking consuming too much fat, which is another major component of all meats.

And, you’re not just limited to eating tofu when it comes to soybean-based foods. Tempeh is another great ingredient made of these beans that is a popular meat substitute that is also packed full of protein.

One of the great things about cooking tofu is that it holds the flavour of the spices and other ingredients you cook with. It has long been used by vegetarians and vegans, and thanks to its various textures depending on how it’s cooked, you can create some delicious meals that allows you to maintain a healthy yet varied diet.

Just one 100g serving of tofu will give you around 16% of your daily recommended intake of protein, making it a fantastic protein-rich food option!

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