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10 Foods High in Fiber

Fiber is an essential part of our diets. Not only does it help maintain bowel regularity, it also helps stop the development of heart disease, prevents weight gain and can even protect us against some cancers. It’s essential that we consume fiber-rich foods so that our digestive system works, allowing us to absorb the nutrients we consume, too.

A small child up to 5 years old will need just 15g of fiber each day, but an adult over 18 years of age will need around 30g per day. Remember as well that there are two kinds of fiber. Soluble fiber comes from oats, fruit and vegetables, and this can be digested, helping reduce the amount of bad cholesterol you have in your blood. It also helps make stools easier to pass.


Insoluble fiber tends to come from bran and cereals and it can’t be digested. This fiber passes right through your intestines, helping move other food through the digestive system, ensuring the digestive process works as it should.

These 10 foods are all rich in fiber, helping you keep your digestive system healthy and ensuring the goodness you eat is all absorbed by your body.

1. Lentils

In just one cup of lentils you get around half of your daily requirement of fiber. Lentils are great for people who love to cook. They’re easy to incorporate into lots of different meals, and far more versatile than other kinds of legumes. They also don’t take long to cook, making them perfect for a quick and healthy meal.

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