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10 Foods High in Calcium

Calcium is an essential component of our diets, providing us with good overall health and helping our bones and muscles grow strong. Calcium is also used by the nervous system and the heart, and our bones store the substance in order to provide the rigidity and support that our bodies need.

As we get older, our bodies absorb less calcium from the food that we eat, so it’s important that we continue to consume calcium-rich foods. This is essential not just for people who train regularly, but for people who are reaching or passing middle age. Calcium is particularly important for children, too, as the body will be going through lots of strains as it grows to become adult-size.

Brie Cheese

If you don’t think you’re getting enough calcium, and you’d like to change that, take a look at these 10 foods high in calcium. They’re generally easy to incorporate into your diet and could change your quality of life quite significantly!

1. Cheese

Of course cheese is high in calcium! Sure, in large quantities, it’s not exactly great for your waistline, but in moderation it’s an amazingly rich source of calcium. It has a number of great benefits, too. It’s high in protein, which is great for muscles and helps make you feel full. It’s also rich in vitamin A and B, which are essential for keeping up your energy levels and your immune system.

The high amount of calcium comes from the fact that it is a dairy product, and if you’re not a big dairy eater, you can rest assured that it’s easy to incorporate into lots of different meals.

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