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10 Causes of Heart Palpitations

Heart palpitations are experienced when the heart beats too hard or too fast, often fluttering or skipping a beat. Palpitations may be felt in the throat, neck or chest.

While the palpitations are neither serious nor harmful, they can be frightening and bothersome. Often the palpitations go away on their own but unless the cause is determined as a non-cardiovascular one, they should be reported to a medical professional.

Some reasons why individuals experience heart palpitations can include the following.

1. Anxiety

Being overly anxious or stressed can bring about heart palpitations and even strong emotions such as fear can trigger palpitations. In fact, heart palpitations can affect anyone with anxiety.

This can happen because when someone is stressed out or nervous, their brain releases hormones which can cause the heart to pound. In the case of anxiety related heart palpitations, other symptoms such as sudden sweating, feeling lightheaded, labored breathing or an upset stomach may also accompany a racing heart.

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