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10 Causes of Blood in Your Stool

Seeing blood in your stool can be concerning, but there are many possible causes and not all of them are hugely concerning. Sometimes, the amount of blood you see in your stool can only be detected by tests conducted by doctors, while at other times, you may notice blood appearing on toilet tissue after you have had a bowel movement.

If bleeding is going on higher up in your digestive system in your bowels, you will not necessarily see blood in your stool – instead, your stool will appear a deep black color and seem tarry in texture.

Take a look at these 10 causes of blood in your stool, and see which best fits your circumstances. Be sure to visit your doctor, also – use this as a guide for helping you decide what the cause may be, but don’t forget to speak to a medical professional who can offer real medical advice and help you solve the problem with treatment.

1. Esophageal issues

The esophagus is the tube that connects your stomach to the throat, and as much as it might sound strange, problems here can cause blood to appear in your stool. Bleeding caused by any kind of tear in the esophagus can create dark red streaks in your stool. Not only that, if the bleeding is substantial, you may experience vomiting (which will also include blood), as well as light-headedness and a generally unpleasant and metallic taste in the mouth.

Your skin will also become pale, as a result of blood loss. If these are your experiences, be sure to speak to a doctor as a matter of urgency.

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