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10 Best Foam Roller Exercises

Foam rolling exercises involve applying pressure to specific parts of the body to relieve pain. These exercises can be helpful in significantly increasing the range of motion while increasing flexibility in individuals. Foam rolling also eliminates soreness and muscle tightness by promoting blood flow and reducing inflammation.

These effective exercises can be done individually or combined into a workout series to get many of the same benefits as those of a sports massage including relief from scar tissue and joint stress.

Here is look at ten of the best foam roller exercises that cover upper body and lower body.

1. Upper back

Start by resting the back against the wider side of the roller placed under the shoulder blades. With feet firmly planted on the floor and knees bent, gently raise your butt and position hands behind the head.

Begin rolling slowly back and forth so that the roller rolls up and down from the middle of the back and the top of the shoulder blades.

Make sure to keep the head relaxed without tilting forward. This will prevent injury from placing too much weight on your spine. Ideally, the neck and head should be aligned with the back at all times.

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