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10 Benefits of Vitamin D

All we seem to hear about on TV is how important vitamin C is and why you should drink all these different kinds of fruit juices. In reality, there are numerous kinds of vitamins and it’s important that we get a good balance of them all and, for that reason, we thought we’d tell you about the 10 main reasons it’s essential that you incorporate vitamin D-rich foods into your diet.

Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Natural anti-inflammatory

Vitamin D is one of the best, natural, anti-inflammatories that you can consume. This means that it lowers the amount of CRP in your body (C-Reactive Protein) which is known to be responsible for most kinds of inflammation, whether it be inside of soft flesh or surrounding the bones. Vitamin D does this so effectively that studies have shown it can reduce inflammation by anywhere up to one third making it just as effective as many medicines available over the counter.

As well as stopping inflammation, regular consumption of vitamin D-rich foods can help reduce pain and stress on joints.

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