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10 Benefits of Vitamin B12

We all know that each vitamin (A, B, C, etc) all have different versions of themselves, but do many of us really know what their differences are? It’s pretty uncommon knowledge, for instance, that the most common vitamin B you consume is actually vitamin B12 and it’s one of the most important, too.

Vegetarians and vegans in particular miss out when they don’t consume vitamin B12 which is a product of only meat, eggs, and fish. No plant food in the world contains this vitamin and if you want to know exactly what you might be missing out on, read on for the top 10 benefits of vitamin B12.

Protects Against Alzheimers Disease

1. Protects against Alzheimer’s disease

Vitamin B12 is an effective defense against Alzheimer’s disease, according to studies that have shown the vitamin can reduce the amount of homocysteine in the body. The naturally-occurring chemical in the body is associated with the development of the condition and vitamin B12 can help avoid the development of Alzheimer’s by reducing the amount overall.

Studies have shown that each picomolar increase in B12 in the body reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s by roughly 2%.

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