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11 Health Benefits of Cupping

Woman Getting Cupping Treatment At Spa

Cupping therapy is a type of alternative medicine that can be traced back to ancient cultures like Chinese and Egyptian. The therapy works by placing cups made of glass, bamboo or earthenware on the skin to create suction. The suction thus created helps mobilize blood flow in the body and boosts the healing of a number of medical conditions. Depending ...

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11 Health Benefits of Ginger Root and Ginger Tea

ginger tea

Ginger is one of nature’s super spices. The small root has been linked to numerous benefits for a healthy life and has shown improvements in many facets of health from prevention and treatment of disease, digestion, weight loss and just general health and wellbeing as well as a remedy for minor ailments. Ginger has been used since ancient times and ...

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11 Common Causes of Neck Pain

neck pain

The neck supports the full weight of the head and is very susceptible to muscle strain and the misalignment of, or damage to, the vertebra in the spinal column. Almost everyone experiences neck pain at some time. These pains can be simple, which disappear after a few days, or they can be chronic. Chronic neck pain is defined as pain ...

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10 Common Symptoms of Mumps

Sore throat woman

Mumps is a common viral infection that mainly affects children. It is spread by a highly contagious paramyxovirus which travels in the air through coughs and sneezes. It can also survive on surfaces touched by people infected with the virus. The most common picture people have of mumps if of a swollen face, often called “hamster face”, the result of ...

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10 Types of Depression


Depression is a mood disorder that affects individuals differently. Depression, in some cases may be caused by different life events or may be brought on by chemical changes in the brain. It is also important to note that there are different types of depression and symptoms can easily range from mild, yet disabling, to extremely severe. Some prominent types of ...

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10 Gout Treatments

Vegetable juice

Treatment for gout focuses on pain relief to better cope with a gout attack. There are a number of natural and medicinal options available that can also be enhanced by lifestyle changes to prevent future attacks. Most mild to moderate gout symptoms can be managed by resting the joints. When a gout attack sets in, people with the condition would ...

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10 Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Relief

Physiotherapy for wrist pain, aches and tension

Carpal tunnel syndrome is most commonly caused by repetitive hand activities such as typing, writing, painting or certain types of housework. The condition is caused by the median nerve in the hand squeezing and causing discomfort. Symptoms typically tend to aggravate at night, so it is recommended to shake the hand or let it hang out of the bed to ...

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8 Treatments for Carpal Tunnel

Businessman suffering from wrist pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome refers to a condition where a pinched nerve in the wrist causes pain and discomfort while also inhibiting hand movement. Typical symptoms include numbness and tingling of the hand along with some cramping or weakness in the affected area. Treatment for carpal tunnel is decided largely based on the severity of the discomfort as well as the ...

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11 Common Causes of Hip Pain

Doctor massaging his patient hip

Nobody likes it when an accident happens, but what we can when it does occur is to keep a level mind and immediately respond to the situation. The first thing to do when responding to an accident is identifying the injuries sustained by a victim. Being one of the biggest bones in the body, the hip can be easily injured. ...

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11 Causes of Shoulder Pain

Businesswoman Having Shoulder Pain At Computer Desk

The shoulders are among the most used parts of the body. It can do wide range of motion that enables us to a number of laboring jobs, sport or any kinds of work that involves the arm and the hands. Doing too much of these activities can damage the shoulders and hamper movement. Some illnesses can also cause pain to ...

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