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8 Foods You Should Never Buy Again

Have you ever noticed that you cannot get a baby to eat more than he or she wants? As soon as babies have had enough, that’s it; they don’t carry on because it tastes good or because they hate to see waste. Enough is enough. Which tells us quite a lot about our own eating habits – and that overeating ...

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8 Essential Oils to Improve Your Health

Essential oils, championed by aroma therapists and alternative medicine enthusiasts, are hydrophobic oils that contain compounds from plants. These oils are designed to condense the flavor or aroma of a plant into a concentrated liquid, ideal for cooking, painting or even for use in biodiesel. These oils can be used for relaxation and improving your health at home, owing to ...

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9 Benefits of Doing a Detox

A detoxification is a way of eliminating toxins from your body, and getting rid of any remnants of unhealthy food and drink from your body. Better known as a ‘detox’, this process is particularly popular after period of indulgence, like the holiday seasons and birthdays.But what are these toxins? Well, they vary depending entirely on what you’ve eaten, but are ...

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8 Health Benefits Of Practicing Yoga

Yoga has been growing in popularity over recent years and with good reason. Many wonderful health benefits can be gained simply by adding a few yoga sessions to your weekly routine. Here are a few yoga benefits that many people are surprised to learn about: 1. Relieve Pain Yoga is known to focus on posture and breathing during its many ...

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8 Benefits Of A Paleo Diet

The Paleolithic diet is way of eating that includes only the kinds of food that native man might have had access to. This means that you eat plants and animals in the same way that early mankind would have done, without processed foods, complex ingredients or dairy. The idea is designed to give the human body everything it needs in ...

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9 Health Benefits Of Going Gluten Free

Going gluten free is a dietary decision that isn’t made solely on the basis of allergies or intolerance. While many are indeed unable to properly digest gluten, many people who have no trouble with it are opting for a gluten-free diet as a result of the many health benefits The gluten-free diet is representative of early man’s diet, as it ...

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