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10 Foods High in Vitamin C

bell peppers

Vitamin C plays a lot of important roles in the body. First and foremost it helps protect every single cells that makes up your body, keeping them healthy and allowing them to regenerate. The vitamin also helps heal wounds and is essential for your connective tissues, helping them stay healthy and strong, meaning your tissue and organs are properly supported ...

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12 Dangerous Foods For Seniors

Beef steak.

As we age, we realize that we feel different with certain types of foods. We become more sensitive as our metabolism starts to slow down and need to learn how to make smart food choices to keep us out of the doctors office. If you want to keep your cholesterol and blood pressure healthy, here are some foods you should ...

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8 Poisonous Foods We Commonly Eat


You eat foods every day that come from plants that contain poisons that are potentially deadly. In most cases, the mass production of these foods and the regulations surrounding them are enough to keep you safe. However, there are times when someone eats the wrong part and ends up severely ill or worse. To make sure that your food keeps ...

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10 Most Common Gluten Free Foods

fruits and vegetables

There is still a debate surrounding the general benefits of gluten. But most scientists agree that if you are not intolerant to the substance, there is no real benefit to avoiding it. However, if you choose to avoid gluten, or you are simply medically intolerant to it, there are lots of ways to enjoy the food you love without hurting ...

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10 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

Dried apricots

Your blood pressure can cause a whole host of heart problems, and may often be a result of high levels of bad cholesterol. Whatever the reason, it’s important to reduce your intake of fatty foods and increase your consumption of foods that are known to help level your blood pressure. If you’re looking to make a change, take a look ...

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10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods


Inflammation can occur all over the body, and it usually involves the skin or bodily tissue swelling and becoming red and painful/uncomfortable. Inflammation can occur on the outside of the body (just under the skin) or within organs and the deep tissue, causing pain, discomfort and a whole host of medical problems. Inflammation will often occur as a result of ...

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10 Foods High in Magnesium

flaxseed oil

Magnesium is an often-overlooked part of our diet. This mineral is essential for good health, with almost all reactions within the body requiring magnesium in order to work. Without magnesium you will develop a number of symptoms. Things like drinking too much caffeine, drinking too much alcohol or even taking calcium supplements without magnesium supplements, can all result in a ...

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10 Foods High in Fiber

fresh fruit with yogurt.Strawberry,blueberry,berry,rasberry and mint.

Fiber is an essential part of our diets. Not only does it help maintain bowel regularity, it also helps stop the development of heart disease, prevents weight gain and can even protect us against some cancers. It’s essential that we consume fiber-rich foods so that our digestive system works, allowing us to absorb the nutrients we consume, too. A small ...

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10 Fat Burning Foods

beans and lentils

Burning fat can only occur when you are exercising, allowing your body to use up fat deposits and calories that you have consumed. There is no reason to suggest, however, that the food you eat can’t affect the fat burning process. In fact, we know of lots of foods that can help the body burn fat, and which are low ...

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10 Foods High in Calcium

Soybeans and tofu are a good souce of protein and a serious food allergen.

Calcium is an essential component of our diets, providing us with good overall health and helping our bones and muscles grow strong. Calcium is also used by the nervous system and the heart, and our bones store the substance in order to provide the rigidity and support that our bodies need. As we get older, our bodies absorb less calcium ...

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