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11 Foods Low in Sodium

roast beef on board

Sodium, or salt, is good for the body – but it’s important that you limit the amount you consume. If you have too much sodium in your diet, you’ll increase your chances of developing high blood pressure – and when you have high blood pressure, your chances of developing heart disease or other cardiovascular problems become much higher. So how ...

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11 Foods Low in Potassium


Potassium is good for you, but if you consume too much of it, it can result in a number of health problems. Primarily, high potassium levels can cause kidney damage and a condition called hyperkalemia, whereby the kidneys are unable to properly excrete potassium quickly enough through your urine and stool. This means that people who have diabetes need to ...

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11 Foods Low in Carbohydrates

Homemade Cooked Spaghetti Squash Pasta with Marinara Sauce

Reducing the amount of carbohydrates you eat can cut back your belly fat, keep you slim and trim, and improve your general health no end. Excess consumption of carbohydrates results in visceral fat resting in the body and contributing to an increased risk of a number of diseases, including heart disease. As well as doing regular exercise, it’s important to ...

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20 Foods That Detox Your Body


A detox, or detoxification, is an approach to health that involves ridding the body of toxins that accumulate. Detoxification can offer a helping hand to the liver and kidneys, and is often done through drinking more fluids, allowing the body to more easily dilute and get rid of excess salts. As well as drinking more fluids, you can achieve a ...

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20 High Calorie Foods

cup with guacamole and corn chips - traditional Mexican appetizer

Whether you’re trying to lose weight and need to know which foods to avoid, or you’re actively looking to gain weight, there are lots of foods high in calories you should remember. The following high calorie foods are the best foods to consume regularly if you want to gain weight quickly (which is sometimes necessary for the sake of your ...

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20 High Glycemic Foods


The Glycemic Index informs you about the carbohydrate content of foods, which contribute to the blood sugar level. A food that is high on the GI shows that it affects the blood sugar levels significantly, whereas a food that is low on the index shows you that the blood sugar levels will not be affected too drastically. This is a ...

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20 Low Glycemic Foods


The Glycemic Index is a ranking of foods that contain carbohydrates. The foods are all ranked based on the effect that they have on the bloody glucose levels. So, a food that is low on the Glycemic Index will absorb slowly, and foods that are absorbed more quickly will be ranked higher. A diet based on low glycemic foods is ...

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10 Foods High in Vitamin K


Vitamin K is a really important part of our diets, and serves the purpose of helping blood clot. This doesn’t mean that the vitamin will cause deadly blood clots, but instead means that the blood will clot when a wound is present. This stops the body from ejecting all of its blood whenever there is a wound. It is essential ...

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10 Foods High in Vitamin D

grilled pork with herbs on an old table top view close-up

Vitamin D has a number of important functions, and one of which is regulating the amount of calcium we have in the body. When you don’t have enough vitamin D, you can end up with bone deformities. The combination of vitamin D and calcium is therefore essential to keep your bones and muscles healthy, and when you don’t have enough ...

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10 Foods High in Iodine

Fish and Chips

Iodine is much more than a chemical you used to experiment with in science class. In fact, iodine is an important part of our diets! This chemical is necessary for the formation of thyroid hormones, which allow the body to keep a healthy metabolic rate, and to keep cells healthy. Generally you only need 0.14mg of iodine each day, which ...

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