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9 Benefits of Lemon Water

Lymph System

Lymph system

If you are thirsty, you have already started the dehydration process – and when we are dehydrated we begin to feel sluggish and tired. It can also affect us on a deeper level and we can become constipated, stressed, confused – and it can also affect our blood pressure and make it difficult to sleep. Lemon water rehydrates us and by doing so, supports our lymph system and immunity.

For some people, lemon water is an acquired taste because of its bitterness but there is no getting around it – drinking lemon water each morning and making it a part of your routine has so many benefits that it would be crazy not to do it. And another plus is that it doesn’t cost the earth and you don’t need any expensive equipment in order to prepare your morning pick-up! If it’s too bitter for you, simply add more water!

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