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10 Symptoms of Heat Stroke


Seizures are a very serious symptom of a heat stroke. In the case of a heat stroke, the symptom often presents itself abruptly and offers no warning signs.

A seizure happens when there is a surge in the brain’s electrical activity. This imbalance triggers a number of physical symptoms including, visual disturbances, muscle contractions, and eventually blacking out. The dangerous thing about seizures is that it cannot be treated and needs to run its course.

It is important to remember that heat stroke is a medical emergency that requires urgent attention. Once a heat stroke sets in, the body’s internal systems start to shut down and several of the organs suffer damage. To prevent further damage the internal temperature needs to be reduced quickly. Once heatstroke is suspected, cooling must begin immediately and continued throughout the individual’s resuscitation.

However, it is a preventable condition which can be averted by protecting against sunburn, drinking lots of fluids, wearing loose fitting and lightweight clothing among other things.

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